About Us

ASA Appliance: Top-notch Appliance Repair Services in Los Angeles

 With eight years of experience, ASA Appliance Company has provided exceptional appliance repair services in Los Angeles. Our professional team is well-equipped to handle repairs for various appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, and more.

Affordable Pricing and Flexible Scheduling 

At ASA Appliance, we understand the importance of transparency when it comes to pricing. That’s why we offer affordable pricing without any hidden costs. You can trust that we quote the price you will pay for our services. Additionally, we provide flexible scheduling options to accommodate your busy schedule. We offer weekend and evening appointments, making it convenient for you to get your appliances repaired.

Licensed and Insured Technicians

 Your peace of mind is our priority. All our technicians are licensed and insured, ensuring that your appliances are in safe hands. With their qualifications and expertise, you can trust them to handle your appliance repairs with professionalism and care.

Utilizing Latest Technology and High-Quality Parts

 We stay up to date with the latest technology and tools in the industry to provide you with professional and efficient repair services. Utilizing these resources, we can effectively diagnose and fix appliance issues, minimizing inconvenience. Moreover, we only use high-quality parts in our repairs, ensuring your appliances’ longevity and optimal performance.

No Intermediaries, Direct Communication

 ASA Appliance is not an intermediary company that resells work from other companies. We take pride in performing the repairs ourselves and offering a guarantee for our work. When you choose to work with us directly, you can enjoy several benefits, including cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quicker service, unlike getting a job through intermediaries, where the price often rises due to unnecessary additional links between the client and the contractor. Working with us ensures direct communication and personalized service.

Contact ASA Appliance for Quick and Reliable Service

 You can call us directly or fill out our online form to avail of our services. We will promptly contact you and address all your needs and concerns.

Our commitment to transparency and honesty is reflected in our work